The comeback

8:24 PM

Photo by Patrick Tomasso

Oh, hello. 

I feel like you caught me visiting an old house I own but no longer live in. The property is wrecked and desolate and I can see your look of disapproval: “Why didn’t you take care of the place?” 

I know. The posts are all dusty, the content stagnated, ancient pictures all over the place.

Many bloggers go through a blog hiatus and sometimes that hiatus turns into the end of the blog altogether. I know because I’ve seen it happen so many times, even with my own blogs. This is common, but so sad. It´s like seeing a neighborhood shop going out of business.

My hiatus lasted two and a half years which is the same to say that the blog ended. And yet, The Culture Enthusiast has always been on the back of my mind. Probably because going to museums, watching movies and reading books (and discussing and analyzing it all ad nauseam) is a big part of my life. I can’t say, with Rainer Maria Rilke, that I would die without writing but I terribly miss the conversations the blog made possible.

That is why I plan to slowly come back with posts on some interesting books I'm reading and cool films I've seen this year (and oh my gosh, the Chrysler Museum has a new Mark Rothko). Hopefully, whatever reader neighbors that have stuck around will come back for a cup of tea and a chat about this crazy cultural world of ours.

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  1. I'm happy with your return. Welcome

  2. I'm glad your back! I discovered your blog during the "hiatus" and I thought, "Even thought she doesn't post anymore, I'm glad she left the old ones up so I can read them." I've enjoyed reading your past thoughts and will look forward to the new ones!

    1. Your words are so encouraging, Grace. I really appreciate them! Thanks for sticking around, I should have some posts ready next week.

  3. I was travelling when you posted this, so I probably missed it. But I'm really happy to see this blog active again and hope to read much more of your writing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Clarissa! Reading comments like yours is what keeps me motivated.


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