5 movies I'm embarrassed to like

6:14 PM

Let’s face it, we all have some movies that are so bad we are afraid to admit we love them. Here are the movies that I hope nobody finds on my Dvd shelf:

Super Mario Brothers
Imdb rating: 3.8
Even though many people played the classic video game, not that many people watched Mario portrayed by Bob Hoskins. I recently watched this with my sister and she was appalled at how bad it was. To me, some of the jokes are still funny, even though I can’t explain why, such as:

Brooklyn Girls: Who are you? 
Luigi: Luigi Mario. What, you got a problem with that? 

Big Trouble in Little China
Imdb rating: 7.1
Another movie from my childhood. I have seen it countless times and it never gets old. Whenever I go to Chinatown or Asian neighborhoods I keep thinking something like this will happen.

Imdb rating: 5.4
I know, Colin Farrell… blond. I don’t mind it. I love the scene of the battle with the elephant. As a matter of fact I like most Colin Farrell movies. Strangely enough I have seen most of them at the movies: Heart’s War, Phone booth, Ask the dust, Cassandra’s Dream, The way back. I even like one of his first movies called Tigerland.

Hamlet 2000 and Romeo and Juliet
Imdb ratings: 6.0 and 6.8 respectively
During college, it was a big faux pas to admit you liked – or even wasted time watching – movie adaptations from Shakespeare, specially the modernized versions such as these two. Despite my preference for seeing the real play and reading it, I still like these two versions a lot. By the way, I like these just as much as the traditional versions, like all the Kenneth Branagh versions.

Which movies are you embarrassed of? 

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  1. I guess the movies i'm most embarrased of liking are those from nickelodeon. Such as ''Arnold, the movie'' and ''kenan and kel, two heads are better than none''. I mean, they are REALLY good. I like the stories. But my friends are a little too artsy for the 90's nickelodeon movies.

    And big trouble in little china is really awesome. It's a bit non sense, but that's why the movie is funny. Now i feel embarrassed of it...

    1. I've never really seen those movies, but I really enjoyed some Nickelodeon series, like Clarissa explains it all. But I guess we do tend to stick to our "kid preferences" no matter how embarrassing they seem to our adult standards.

      See ya!

  2. Just a minute: I've watched Much Ado about Nothing and it delights me to see Emma Thompson reading "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more" ... Well, I've delighted myself watching "Quo Vadis" (1951 version) over and over since 1990 (when I got my first VCR recorder/player). Oh, Oh lambant flames, Ooh, o force divine, Oh omnivorous powers hail ... Peter Ustinov at his best. Ah, yes, there's Carmne Miranda's movies and Mario Lanza's movies.

  3. I also love Branagh's movies, specially Henry V. Such a great actor and director. But I still think the modern versions have their merit. (I soo need to watch Carmen's movies, they seem so funny!)

  4. I don't think Shakespeare would have minded the adaptations. Remember, Shakespeare was not exactly highbrow in his day. Shakespeare is about passion and film is an excellent medium for that!

  5. I guess Shakespeare is more tolerant than my colleagues then! As you've said once, the movies are a good way to become interested in the plays and maybe, eventually, read them. However, that's not how people saw it on the English department!


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