Favorite scenes from Shakespeare

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Shakespeare is all about emotion and catharsis. Sometimes it amazes me how his plays can be as powerful as a movie. It is incredibly difficult to choose favorite scenes when all the plays are so good. But here are some scenes that made me hold on to my seat when I saw them on stage or read them in the play (by the way, spoilers!):

“My husband?” - from Othello
Almost at the end of Othello, we face with Emilia the horrible truth that not only has Othello murdered his wife but he has done so by Iago's (Emilia's husband) influence. To make matter’s worse, he convinced Othello with evidence provided unknowingly by Emilia herself.

 (05:25 onwards)

“Let him smell the way to Dover” - from King Lear 
The competition for the best scene in King Lear was rather tough, with Edmund’s great lines and Lear losing his mind and all. But the scariest one is when Reagan encourages her husband to blind Gloucester. I didn’t find any good videos, but you can read the whole scene here.

“Where is thy father?” - from Hamlet
Ophelia returns all Hamlet's love letters against her wish while Hamlet's uncle and her father spy on him. Hamlet tells her he actually never really loved her. And to increase Ophelia’s pain, Hamlet discover that he was being spied on.

(1:15 onwards)

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.” - from Henry V
Henry V is one of Shakespeare's history plays, but it is just as exciting as a tragedy. For one, I love those motivational speeches given before battle (that's why I watch movies like Troy or Alexander). And also,  Henry is such an amazing character.

What are your favorite scenes from Shakespeare's plays?

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  1. Gosh I love Henry V. I wrote an essay about that speech!

  2. I like it very much too! What was the focus of your essay?


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