Neighbors: a fictional approach

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Reality is more real than fiction, but is it more pleasant? 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that neighbors suck. Our relationship with them range from hate (because of their pets, kids, music taste etc) to neutral cordiality (usually chit chat about the weather and how you've grown and - oh, my! did you see that article about that stomach reduction operation?).

On the best case scenario you don't even know who they are. This is what we've learn to consider as the reality of neighbors. But is it really?

The other day, I was coming back from a dreadful day at work and I saw in front of my building two of my neighbors. I noticed how they resembled characters from Jane Austen's Emma. 

My neighbors are an older woman and her daughter - just like Mrs. and Miss Bates. I thought: "Now, if they are Mrs and Miss Bates, that would make me Emma."

So I played the part. I greeted them on a more than neutral way and they answered energeticaly too. Miss Bates commented on what a blessing it was to have a neighbor who plays the piano (that's my sister).

- Oh, I'm so glad you like it, we're so afraid it might get too loud. - I said
- No, not at all. We love it. It's so inspiring to be in our house and listen to her play. She's such an accomplished player. 
- Thank you so much, that's very kind.
- We also have a piano, you know - that was the elderly Mrs Bates
- Really?! I didn't know.
- Yes, my daughter plays. but right now it is broken.

And so the conversation flowed until I reached my floor. I kept thinking "what a delightful encounter!" I guess it was the first time I was touched by a meeting with a neighbor. And I just know I have Jane Austen to thank for that.

Have you ever come across a situation when reality resembled fiction?

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  1. That's a lovely story! I can't remember any particular situation where fiction became reality, but I often think people I know are like fictional characters. I know a few Mr. Toads (they switch from one new exciting, all-consuming phase to the next on a weekly basis), have a friend who could very easily be Bertie Wooster, and remember when I was little often wanting to deal with problems in the style of Matilda!

  2. It's so great when that happens! (I'd love to know somebody like Bertie Wooster, by the way.) I was just watching "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and realized Dickie acts a lot like a friend of mine...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Let's just hope that Your neighbours did not "play" their "parts" by themselves ;)

    I am not sure about books but had this feeling many times about life compared to movies, very big range - from delihtfull romantic comedy to "Truman Show" or "Groundhog day"...
    My artistic life resembels "Groundhog Day" and I always hate when I go to an empty supermarket and suddenly there is a big line out of nowhere as if I was in a "Truman Show" ;)

    During studies a lot of exams reminded me of "Full Metal Jacket" drill...

    And there's a lot of Matrix too!... seriously when I am talking ( I would call it rather "trying to talk" ) with some people, even among relatives, it often strikes me that they are damn androids! or a computer programs designed to be unable to think logically... ;)

  4. Ha! Those are great examples and I guess I do that with movies (and plays) too. As a matter of fact, this week I found myself in a similar situation to Uncle Vanya (also involving neighbors).

    I really should put myself more into comedies!

  5. Hehe :)

    To make things more complicated we can add another thing - the differences of creator's world in reality and in the media. It really always annoyed me as a struggiling ( future ) author.
    It's so hard to get cheap or free talented and dedicated "sidekicks" to our great "cause"!
    Seriously... If I would be a poor artist in a movie I would surely have a lot of friends knowing how to do everything around! My best friend would be a great illustrator and I woudln't have to worry about a website or any graphics cause my other best friend would be an expert in that one... And of course we could afford a large studio or find a deserted factory that we would turn into our working place!

    Giii... it would be great woudln't it? :)

  6. I guess fiction is usually more glamorous than reality... Or at least, writers can make fiction as glamorous as they want it to!


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