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I’m very lucky to live in a house where I can use movie lines in a conversation. Sure, it would be nice if we quoted Shakespeare during dinner, but the reality is that we are a much more pop culture oriented family. Here are some of the movie quotes we use in our house:

1) “Put a hot towel over your head” from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller’s father is a great character. When he calls Ferris to check if he’s feeling better, he advises him to “put a hot towel” over his head, much to Ferris’ amusement. Whenever we are feeling a little sick or complaining about something we give each other the same silly advice.

2) “Hello, McFly!” from Back to the Future

In Back to the Future, Biff bullies Marty McFly’s father, pretending to knock on his head to check if there’s anybody there. Even though this line is from the villain of “Back to the Future” we just say it in a funny way when a person is not paying attention or not thinking straight.

3) “That’s… evil.” from Scott Pilgrim vs the world

The most recent of our quotes here, only used between me and my sister – don’t know if it is going to last long though. Scott says that when he finds out his girlfriend’s ex has some sort of evil power over her. We’ve been using this one a lot, but I’d love to be able to use one of the funniest: “He punched the highlights out of her hair!”

4) “We are living in a society!” from Seinfeld

Ok, I know this is not from a movie but Seinfeld is huge in my house, I’m afraid. We actually use many other lines from it, depending on the situation like: “Good thinking, Kruger”, “I’ve gotta get out of this city” and my favorite “Gold, Jerry, gold!”

5) "Me-llon" from Lord of the Rings

This is probably the silliest. In the first part of the Lord of the rings trilogy, the fellowship can’t get in the mines of Moria because they don’t have the secret password. It turns out the password – "friend" in elvish – is “mellon”. So, whenever we are buying or eating melon we tend to pronounce it the way Gandalf does.

Are there any movie lines you use on a daily basis? Which ones would you like to use more?

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  1. The gandalf one is seriously cracking me up. I'm going to do that next time I'm eating a melon haha.

  2. That's a relief! I was afraid people wouldn't get it... You do that, it will increase your melon delight lol

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Let's see..I think our most used is,
    "You've got a f*&%^@# dart in your neck" as a reply to "I'm so tired." (From Old School)

  4. Great post.

    We have some lines too . When we lose the car in the parking lot (and this is very frequent) someone always shouts "Jeeeeeerryyyyy".

    I also can't resist and say "Move children, move" in a situation of heavy traffic. This line is from the film Signs which I love.

    And the line "Good Lord, aunt Stephanie!" has became a classic in scary situations. That line comes from the film To kill a mockingbird (and not from Sheldon).

  5. Kelly, Mrs. Quilting: I had a lot of fun looking up video excerpts with the quotes you guys mentioned! I didn't know or remember some of these! xx Paula

  6. Haha, I don't know when it started here at home, but sometimes we are motioned by movie quotes, like "I'm your worst nightmare" (Rambo whatever), "I don't want to go on the cart." (Monty Python's Holy Grail), and some others ... Usually spoken by my Mom!!! There was one your sis used to say: "I've got problems, OK?", while having a huge portion of ice cream. That's a gem!!

    1. Dynamite quotes! From which movie is the last one? xx

  7. Interesting post! It's so funny that You guys actually do that too :)

    I guess that certain couples, friends and "groups of interest" include much of lines they all find connection with, even though their meaning in a conversation would be completely incomprehensible for the others... being part of ones "slang"...

    I'd say that here in Poland we use more lines from cabaret, which is extremely popular here, plus a lot from classic polish comedies :)

    Still could think of some english ones...

    I often use all those absurd Monty Python quotes like
    "A tiger?? In Africa??" -when I'm surprised by something
    or "An African or European swallow?" - to knock someones arguments
    or "Bring up the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!" - when there is a problem ;)

    On the other hand when we used to work on screenplays with my friend we were so much in the mood of 80s flicks that we used lines from them, like:
    "Gentelmen! Let's broaden our minds! Lawrence!" ( Batman ) - when we needed to put on some good music :)

    and from my observation... I don't really think people use all those famous lines that are thought to be used so often by everyone - like "Let the power be with You!" - they have a lot of references in the movies but are not so commonly used :)

  8. Ha! Those are great lines. My family and I used some Monty Python lines too, but I can't recall which ones now.

    I'm looking for some Polish cabaret videos!

  9. enjoy :)

    Most of them are satirical sketches about politicians or social/media stuff that we deal with in Poland so some would be hard to understand for a foreigner but there're also some purely universal in purport, like "mocart group"

    or Ireneusz Krosny the Mime :)

  10. Yes, comedy depends so much on cultural context. But I still liked watching the videos.


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