The Dark Knight Rises

10:43 AM

(Before I begin I'd just like to say I was extremely shocked by the news of what happened in Aurora, CO. To everyone involved: my deepest sympathies, we're praying for you all.)

I wrote a rather lengthy post on The Dark Knight Rises but I felt it was difficult to talk about it without giving away the end. Therefore, I made a video about it! This way nobody can arrive at the post because of a Google Images search and read the ending. So, just to make sure: spoilers ahead.

This is my first video post ever, I had a lot of fun doing it, hope you enjoy it! Please forgive my English and my poor video making skills...

Let me know what you think!

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  1. May I ...?? You should put some background, I didn't like empty walls ...
    Ok, it was cool! New top? I liked it!
    By the way, i didn't watch none of the Batman movies. I like the one with Michael Keaton. But George Clooney ... Argh!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion ;) It is indeed a new old top (it's thrifted!)

    I need to watch Tim Burton's Batmans again. I like the one with The CatWoman and the Penguin, but I has been a long time since I last watched it.

    The one with George Clooney is one of my least favorite Batmans too.

  3. Wow...
    Two things first

    - how is it that You have such a good accent? I was trying to find some brazilian/portugese element ( out of curiosity how it sounds ) in it but failed ;)
    Your english is great, You don't have to forgive for anything ;)

    - You sound so serious in this video :)
    You really have a beautifull smile and should smile more often ;) ... surprisinly this is also what everyone is telling me ;)

    Tim Burton's Batman rules, although "Batman Returns" loses a bit after time. It's not that it's dark, it's just that Keaton's character is more like a guest here and not the main hero.
    I wonder how "Batman Forever" would look like if Burton would stay on the project. It was supposed to have Robin Williams as Riddle and Marlon Wyan ( Afro-American! ) as Robin! :D

    And I have to admit that I have a sentiment for "Batman&Robin". I know that the movie itself is not a good one, but it's just that I've watched it just before I flew to USA and then it was also the first movie I saw in american cinema :)

    And for Batman Rises itself... I haven't actually watched it ( and don't really want to ) since I am not a fan of Nolan's take on Batman ( I just can't find movie magic in it )... But heard that it's much worse than previous two, and wanted to check Your opinion as always :)

  4. Thanks, I don't know how I got that accent. Years of watching Seinfeld, I guess.

    I'm so glad the role of The Riddler went to Jim Carey and not Robin Williams. He's a great comedy actor, but don't think he would have made a good Riddler.

    You know, months have passed and I feel the same way about Rises. I just saw the Dvd to rent and thought to myself: "Why bother", you know?

  5. hm... guess they should remake Seinfeld into French now, this way we both could learn that language beautifully ;)

    yeah... Williams is one of my longtime favorites, but I don't really like this fashion among actors to change their genre that radically, sometimes it works... sometimes

    Didn't even know that "Rises" has been already released... usually it took a movie like half a year to get into stores... it often made me upset in the past that they wouldn't stop showing some good titles in the cinemas, had to wait months and months, and then another months until dvd premiere ;)

  6. Funny you mentioned Seinfeld in French. There was a time I actually watched Seinfeld Dvd's in French to learn the language. Plus I already knew the stories backwards...

    I also don't remember liking Robin Williams' serious roles. It's strange seeing him as a killer in Insomnia and One Hour Photo.

  7. hm... another mutant superpower discovered perhaps? "reading in people's story of life" ;) Xavier be afraid, be very afraid ;)

    yeah well... some actors have to learn that you can't switch things just like that after years of being a character actor and a genre actor... but there were some good "transfers" though - I prefer dramatic Tom Hanks to comedy Tom Hanks :)
    Well, he is a good comedian and was hillarious in drama/comedy stuff like Forrest Gump, and his 80s movies were great... but I always thought that he was overrated in that decade :)

  8. Oh yes, some actors can perform well in different genres. Tom Hanks is a good example, though I'm not such a big fan of his movies ("Catch me if you can" being the exception).


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