Bill Murray Paper Dolls + Top 5 List

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I don't consider myself a Bill Murray fan but he's such an indie icon these days. I don't even know if he's still considered a comedian. He developed this sad and melancholic aura which made me stay clear of his more recent movies such as Moonrise Kingdom.

But whether I like it or not, he is setting himself apart. His career path is so different from the ones of Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase or Eddie Murphy. And I'm not saying this just because of his many collaborations with Wes Anderson but because of things like these Bill Murray Paper Dolls:

These paper dolls are so cute and quirky. There's also a video of the different costumes Bill Murray used in his movies accompanied by the movies' soundtrack. 


 Watching the video really made me smile. And it also made me compile impromptu lists about Bill Murray.

Top 5 Bill Murray movies
Broken Flowers
The life aquatic with Steve Zissou
Lost in translation
Quick change

BONUS: (movies where he's not really the main character)
Darjeeeling Limited
The Rutles

Bill Murray movies I wanted to watch, but then I saw the trailer and completely gave up:
What about Bob?

Bill Murray movies I need to watch again because maybe, who knows, I'll like them this time:
The Royal Tenenbaums
Little shop of horrors

Bill Murray classics I shamelessly haven't watched but that I'm not planning to watch now:
Groundhod day

(Bill wearing socks image and video via Niege Borges. You should really check her website out, she's a Brazilian designer who's doing very creative work.)

What are your favorite and not so favorite movies with Bill Murray?

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  1. I must admit, to my husband's chagrin, that I'm not really a Bill Murray fan. You see, my hubby's favorite movie is Caddyshack. I hate it. It's so dang stupid. I do love the paper dolls though :)

  2. I've never seen this movie though I really wanted to, since it features a young Chevy Chase. But it does seem very silly and not my type of humour. xx

  3. I'd urge you to check out "Groundhog Day". It may seem gimmicky and low-brow, but it definitely has a heart and a humour that makes many serious students of film hold it in higher-than-average estimation.

  4. Really?! I had no idea. I definitely have some Bill Murray catching up to do then. ;)

  5. Bill Murray fan here ;)

    How could You possibly not watch GROUNDHOG DAY? :o
    Before showing remember my favorite Murray's quote from this movie:

    "Nancy! Nancy Taylor!!"

    You gonna find out what I meant when You watch the movie and if You will like it ;)

    It's kind of tricky to call Ghostbusters Bill Murray's movie. Funny that John Belushi and Steve Guttenberg were considered for Murray's part :)

    And I do agree with Angela that "Cadyshack" is higly overrated. It's barely funny and hard to understand. Still better than a dissapointing sequel. The only good parts in this one are Rodney Dangerfield and Gopher ;)
    I'd say Murray's role is a waist of his talent. Anybody else could play that idiot.
    You a fan of Chevy Chase too BTW? Should make a thread about him too :)

    Now... I haven't watched all of his movies but I have to say that "Stripes" is not as good as it used to be for me, well, it might be ok if You watch it on Saturday's family bloc with tea.

    But then again "Scrooged" is a really good rendition of "Christmas Carol", with lovely Raiders of the Lost Ark's Karen Allen...

    "The Man Who Knew Too Little" was surprisingly good... very original and smart movie, but you have to like this kind of twisted humor and story telling.

    "Quick Change" is a simple and lovely comedy that makes You really care about characters with Geena Davis at her best.
    I did like "Lost in translation" too :)

  6. I know, there are so many movies I need to watch! Luckily I can pass on Caddyshack and the sequel!


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