How to build an art collection

8:53 AM

Leave it to Matchbook to be inspirational and useful. In their July issue they have an amazing article on how to start collecting art (pages 50 - 59).

This came at the right moment because I've been reading about Peggy Guggenheim lately and totally wanting to be her. Who knows? Maybe I could take some steps towards it (collecting art, not being Peggy Gugghenheim - though having three pups wouldn't hurt).

Their advice on visiting galleries regurlarly made sense to me and one I plan to put into practice asap. Despite being a museum buff I've never been to an art gallery.

This is why Matchbook is one of my favorite (online) magazines. Oh, how I wish they offered print issues!

Image via Matchbook 

Would you like to collect art? Which type (sculptures, paintings, photographs)? If by any chance you already collect art, kudos to you - you're my new hero.

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