Summer Day by Georgina de Albuquerque

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Summer Day by Georgina de Albuquerque

A little bit of history

Date: 1926
Location: National Museum of Fines Arts, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Georgina de Albuquerque is a Brazilian painter from the 20th century. After marrying the painter Lucílio Albuquerque, she went to Paris where she studied in the Académie Julien and in the École de Beaux Arts. She was the first Brazilian to attend the latter. In 1912, she returned to Brazil where she had many exhibits (she also had some in the U.S.)

A little bit of technique
Georgina is considered an impressionist painter. In  Summer Day, she uses loose brush strokes and soft colors which are impressionist characteristics often used in her paintings. 

She truly managed to set herself apart from other Brazilian artists with her delicate paintings and motifs.

A little bit of enthusiasm
I first saw this painting as a child in a museum in Rio. A couple of years ago, I remembered it somehow but didn’t remember the name of the painting, or of the painter or of the museum! I asked my mother and searched my childhood journals. I also didn’t remember the year of my visit to Rio, so the search took a long time – too bad there’s no ctrl + F command in journals.

A couple of weeks after that I was at a dinner party and I saw at the host’s house a book with this painting in the cover. Talk about coincidence.

This comes to show how strong an impression this painting had on me. I love the warm light and colors. It reminds me a little of Renoir’s portrait of Jeanne Samary. Both knew perfectly well how to convey femininity in the delicate gestures. 

What paintings have made a great impression on you?

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  1. I thought that it was a renoir! beautiful painting, i liked the way she painted the flowers. Just beautiful.

  2. Their styles were a bit similar, though I think there's something very feminine about Georgina's paintings. xx


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