There and back again

9:43 AM

Hey everybody,

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and that you haven’t broken all your New Year’s Resolutions yet. (I myself am only slightly delayed on my To Be Read list).

scene from After the Thin Man

This is going to be a killer year, I can feel it. I’m working on exciting new features for The Culture Enthusiast and I’ll tell you more about it soon. To have more time to work on them I’ll be posting once a week now, every Wednesday.

Quality before quantity – that’s my motto. Unless we’re talking about cookies.

Now that business is out of the way, let’s catch up.

During my blog break I watched a bunch of movies and it felt… pointless. What was I supposed to do? Write comments about the movie and email them to people?

I did that. Most of my friends probably blocked my email.

But December seemed like the perfect time to go to the movies, didn’t it? It’s the holidays, just before the Oscars, time for some serious blockbusters.

I’m telling you, I must have stood 15 minutes staring at that huge wall of movie posters figuring out which would be less disappointing. 

Had I known  Lee Pace was in Lincoln and The Hobbit that decision would have been much faster.

Luckily I could rely on Dvds and since we last spoke I’ve seen Midnight in Paris, The Thin Man, It’s a Wonderful Life, and all Cary Grant movies I could find.

As for reading… well, in 2012 I didn’t read four books a month as I intended to. That’s why for 2013 my goal is 3 books. And an audio book. 

I’ve recently finished Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and I am beginning Guy the Maupassant’s short stories.

But enough about me. What have you been up to? What are your cultural resolutions for 2013?

And remember:

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  1. I'm also going to read more but my main one is to see more art. Last year I barely saw anything,probably 'cause I had just finished an Art History MA ;) but I'm going to start with this:

  2. That's an excellent resolution and a pretty fun one too!

    Scotland's National Gallery looks so beautiful. I'd love to go to the "Turner in January" exhibit. Let me know what you think of the Death to Death exhibit. :)

  3. I've been studying non-stop for exams since mid-december and it's not over yet...ugh. For 2013 I want to read more, blog better, have a decent daily routine, and pick up painting again!

    I'm glad you're back, and can't wait to know all about the new blog features!

    1. Those are some pretty ambitious goals! I hope you get a chance to do some painting. Artistic endeavors bring so much excitement to life, don't you think?

      Good luck with your exams!

  4. Good spirits, great goals, and we´ll find a fine new year. I intend to be more simple and direct to reach my goals along the days be them sunshine or heavy rain days. I hope I influence the weather with temperance and mildness. Let´s see. Soon in this theater. Best new year of 2013 for you Paula and every reader.

    1. Happy New Year!

      I am also trying to be more realistic with my goals, this is why I am substituting a book for an audio book. If it is more realistic it is also more doable. With that mindset I'm sure you'll reach great heights. xx


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