My museum purse

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I love going to museums and while I was visiting the National Gallery in Washington the other day I realized how important it is to have a light bag filled with everything you need to enjoy your museum trip.

Here what I usually take with me:

Museum purse

1) Small notepad and pen. 
Once I had to ask the security guard for a pen and wrote notes about the art works in my hands. Another time I had to come back to the museum to copy the name of an interesting book that was quoted in one of the explanation boards. After this I learned to always carry a pen and a small pad – everywhere, as a matter of fact.

2) Cash
Sometimes the audio files' booth doesn’t accept credit or even debit cards, so it’s good to have some extra money for this.

3) Camera
I used to be a little skeptical about this and never took a camera with me. I guess it's optional, but cellphone cameras are pretty light. 

4 and 5) Water and a little snack. 
I always take an inexpensive water bottle because some museums don’t allow water so you might have to leave your water in the entrance. Also most museums don’t allow food, but you can sneak in a cereal bar or some fruit.

6) Strap bag
Comfort is key. Strap bags allow your hands to be free and you can't put too much extra stuff in them.
What do you take with you in a museum trip?

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  1. Good tips! When travelling, I like to have a good strap bag, for free hands. My Nokia for photos, small bottle of water & notepad&pen. I never get guides, so I think I miss much of the exibits.

    1. I also don't take guides with me as well, but I always take the guide the museum offers and go by there. When I have time I also try to have an idea of what the museum has and what is it that I want to see. Other than that I guess our bags are pretty similar! xx

  2. What do i take...hmm..that is a metaphorical question for me, especially when i visit museums. I've come to realize that i need to be focused and should leave before i get overwhelmed. Please don't get me wrong, I love museums or do i ?:)

    1. Often times the sheer quantity of works of art overwhelms me. That's why I visit the same museum more than once if I have the chance and leave when I start to get tired. xx


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