The Chronicles of Narnia

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Dear Mr. C. S. Lewis,

I'm writing you to apologize for having caved and watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader instead of finishing the book. I hope you don't get upset but I just wanted to get off that boat.

But don't worry, I won't do this again. Firstly, because in those two hours of the movie I could have finished the book, which I did by now. Secondly, your books are so much fun! It's better to imagine all the fantastical things that happen in the story than to see them through phony special effects. As strange as it might sound, it's much more realistic when we use our imagination.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the four books from The Chronicles of Narnia I've read so far. I loved how you were able to impart key aspects of Christianity in a beautiful simple way, in a way even children can understand and enjoy. 

"Do not look so sad. We shall meet soon again."
"Please, Aslan," said Lucy, "what do you call soon?"
"I call all times soon."
One of the most moving passages I've ever read is the one when Aslan creates Narnia. I mentally clapped at your writing as I was reading, by the way.  

Besides, your characters are so lovable. I can't get enough of Reepicheep. A little mouse who talks like a sophisticated gentleman. He looks like a character from a Jane Austen novel, with the difference that he is also an incredibly brave swordsman. 

 "We must all show great constancy," Caspian was saying. "A dragon has just flown over the tree-tops and lighted on the beach. (...)" 
"With your Majesty's leave----"began Reepicheep.
"No, Reepicheep, you are not to attempt a single combat with it."

I can't wait to finish reading all the two remaining Narnia books, but at the same time I don't want them to end!



PS: About that whole Narnia X The Lord of the Rings thing. Even though both have their merits, rest assured that I prefer Narnia. I couldn't finish the first Lord of the Rings book when I was a teenager. Perhaps I should give it a try now - but just between you and me, I probably won't.

PS2: Can I call you Clive?

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Have you read The Chronicles of Narnia or watched the movies? What's your favorite character? Where do you stand on the Narnia X Lord of the Rings debate?

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  1. Love Narnia! And LOTR as well - probably more, I must say. I think Tolkien has been more meaningful in my life overall and I thought the movies were incredible - looking forward to The Hobbit.

    My favourite Narnia books were Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Horse and His Boy and The Last Battle. Lots of good childhood memories - and I do still reread them at least occasionally. I've seen the first two movies but not Dawn Treader - I'd like to see it; the movies weren't mind-blowing, but I enjoyed them so far.

    Not sure about a favourite character. I like Lucy and Aslan a lot, and the horses in The Horse and His Boy.

  2. I also enjoyed The Lord of the Rings movies more than the movies about Narnia. (I had completely forgotten about The Hobbit! Now I'm going to obsess about the new Batman and this too!)I'm not sure you'll like the 3rd Narnia movie. Somehow I think it's not as good as the first two.

    I also like Aslan a lot, I'm always thrilled when he appears. Bree and Hwin are pretty great as well, they go through so much in that book!

  3. Interesting idea with such letter! I think I'll write one to apologize E.B. White for watching "Charlotte's Web" instead of reading the book another time ;)

    Haven't watched Narnia movies nor read books, but have You seen BBC produced TV series from the 80s?

    I don't remember much from it but it was hugely popular when I was a kid. We used to run home after school to watch it, and it always annoyed us that we had to wait for another episode as it always ended with a turning point.
    I've been looking for this series for years and din't even remembered that it was Narnia, only learned about it recently!

    All episodes ( I think so ) are available here:

  4. I haven't seen this Tv series, but thanks a lot for the link, I'll check it out! ;)


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