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File:Emil Jakob Schindler, Waldweg bei Plankenberg im Herbst.jpg
Forest in autumn
Original title: Waldweg bei Plankenberg in Herbst

Emil Schindler was an Austrian landscape painter from the end of the 19th century. His paintings focus on the change of the weather and its influence on the landscape. This form of Austrian impressionism received the name of "Stimmungsimpressionismus", which means sentimental or mood impressionism.

painting by Emil Jacob Schindler
Steamboat station on the Danube
Original title: Die Dampfschiffstation an der Donau gegenuber Kaisermuhlen

I first heard about Emil Schindler last Saturday while watching a documentary on Alma Mahler (he was her father). To tell you the truth what I liked best about the documentary was discovering Emil Schindler and his paintings. Alma and her famous lovers didn't interest me as much as Emil's beautiful and delicate paintings.

File:Emil Jakob Schindler Motiv aus dem Wiener Prater (Krieau) 1876.jpg
Motiv aus dem Wiener Prater (Krieau)

Images 1 and 2 via Cultured 3 via Wikipedia

What do you think of Emil Schindler's paintings? 
(By the way, I couldn't find the title of the last painting in English, does anyone know it?)

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