Cool facts about Buster Keaton

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As promised, here's my follow-up post on Keaton. To check the previous one, click here.

Buster Keaton was not only a great actor and film-maker from the silent movie era, but also a very interesting person. Here’s some interesting information about him:

1) It was Houdini who gave him the nickname “Buster”. When Keaton was a child he fell from a flight of stairs and quickly stood up as if nothing had happened. Houdini apparently said: “That’s a real buster!”

2) His comic style is marked by his taste for magic and geometry. This can be seen in many of his movies. See, in Sherlock Jr., the scene where he and the villain play pool and one of the balls is filled with explosives.

3) During the filming of Sherlock Jr., he broke his neck when falling on the train tracks. He only discovered that he had broken his neck years later during a routine examination.

4) He was passionate about trains (just like the guys from The Big Bang Theory…). One of his most famous movies is The General where he plays a train engineer that has only two loves on his life – his train and his fiancé (they are presented in this order!) 

5) His studio contract forbade him to laugh in public in order to reproduce his movie persona in real life.

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