How to use the internet wisely

2:14 PM

A couple of weeks ago I shared my tips on how to read more often and tip number 3 was avoid distractions.

The biggest distraction source in my life is the internet. If you face the same problem - spending hours and hours just browsing you tube, pinterest and funny websites - here are some organizational tips that I use to stay focused and get back on track:

1) Set up a time
It always starts with an innocent "I'll just check my emails". Next thing you know it's midnight, you ate Doritos for dinner and accomplished nothing. To avoid this dreadful scenario, plan in advance how long you will stay online. It doesn't matter if it is 10 minutes, 20 minutes or half and hour. You decide, just make sure you stick to it.

2) Know what you're doing on the internet
I actually have to make a lot of research on the internet but that research doesn't involve reading Suri's Burn Book. So I write down a little routine of necessary things I must do online (emails, blog comments/stats, check other blogs, research about what specific posts) and just do it.

3) Make a list of things you should be doing instead of being on the internet
Each morning I make a to-do list, but I also include a couple of fun things I could do offline. Like this:

4) Look for better offline options
I know the internet is the most practical and fastest thing ever invented but people survived fine without it. Take a little break from the internet by making research on actual books, connecting with friends over a cup of coffee, producing and creating offline (you can always share it afterwards!)

5) Make it suntory time
It's ok to rely on the internet for fun (I guess), but watch out for the quality of what you're watching/reading/seeing. One silly you tube video is harmless but what about a hundred?

Something that helps me look at things with perspective is that the internet - as amazing as it is - is a means for you to get knowledge and inspiration and to connect with people. However, it is still a means. It cannot be an end on itself. I always try to keep in mind what is my purpose when using the internet.

I'm afraid if I got my point across you'll turn off the internet  - which is great, actually. But do come back and share your tips on how to use the internet consciouslly (I always need to be on the look out myself!)

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  1. I need be more organized. I make somethings of list but sometimes the time is short. Great post!

    1. I think we could all be a little bit more organized! In fact I'm a bit of an organization freak, something which goes unnappreciated in my house.

      If you're having trouble with your list I have two suggestions, see if they work out for you:
      a) establish priorities (what needs to be done first)

      b)don't over do it (put fewer things on your list). I used to put a ton of things on my to-do list and always get frustraded when I couldn't cross everything out.

      I hope it helps!

  2. Maybe I'll let the pc off while learning Latin ... When I start learning Latin. E pluribus unum !!

    1. Actually this is something most people don't do. I always turn off my laptop after using it, but many people told me they leave their computers on all day and that they even leave their emails and facebook accounts open. I don't know, it might be more practical, but it doesn't help much if you're having problems with productivity.

      PS: Casus belli. (


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