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The Duet by Karl the Elder Schweninger
If you liked Pride and Prejudice, Emma is the book for you. For starters, Emma's plot has so much potential. Emma is young, pretty, clever and rich. Oh, and she also likes to play God, which means she is one of those annoying matchmakers. She needs a companion now that her governess got married and left her house. So, she takes in the beautiful and poor Harriet Smith to be her friend and spend time in her company. Problems arise when she starts having match-making plans for Harriet.

Jane Austen stated that Emma is a heroin no one would like except herself. I beg to differ. I like Emma, but do think she is wrong to risk people's futures so carelessly. 

I won't say much more, because so many interesting things happen. But just to close this deal, you should know that there are not one but three great interesting male characters in Emma: Mr Elton, Mr Frank Churchil and Mr. Knightley. Actually, there are four if you consider Robert Martin, which I do (even though Emma doesn't).

Plus, something unique about Emma is that many characters are charming. I really like Emma's family and quite identify myself with Emma's hypocondriach and health-obessed father and sister. 

I can also relate with Emma's brother-in-law, John Knigthley. The fact that he is serious and doesn't like parties so much really rings true to me. It's hard to believe everybody enjoyed the balls and dinner parties they have so often in Jane Austen's world. 

In summary, Emma's got it all: lots of surprises and a great story. And as always, when it comes to Jane Austen, we also learn:
"There is one thing, Emma, which a man can always do, if he chuses, and that is, his duty." 
Have you ever read Emma or seen any of the movie adaptations? What's your favorite character? 

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  1. Great post! Just found your blog through Hellocotton. I studied English Lit at Uni and wrote my dissertation on how Austen's stories have influenced the 'chic lit' culture.

    Emma is such a great story. I love the film adaptation too :)

    Great review

  2. Welcome! I also love Emma. I'm thinking about watching the movie, now that I've read the book.

    Your dissertation seems very interesting. While in college I only analysed Pride and Prejudice and I had the impression none of the professors actually liked Jane Austen's books...


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