Which X-Men would you like to be?

4:13 PM

Granted, nobody wants to be labeled a mutant, but I think we all want to have superpowers. If I could choose among the X-Men, there are two that really appeal to me: Angel and Pyro.

Angel has big wings that allow him to fly. That's an invaluable asset for any superhero and it seems to be something very liberating.

Pyro can manipulate fire, which doesn't seem like a big deal nowadays, but check the movie Castway to see how difficult it is to make fire without any help. Plus, fire just seems much cooler than ice. Likewise, Pyro is just so much cooler than Iceman, aka Bobby.

Both Angel and Pyro remind me of Greek myths (Icarus and Prometheus) but I'm probably reading too much into this. 

All I know is that I definitely don't want to be Storm - talk about a party pooper.

And which X-Men would you like to be? (It's Ok to say Storm - I wouldn't mind having Halle Berry's real-life superpowers.)

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  1. I'd like to be Jean Grey. She's badass and can do pretty much everything. I also like Rogue's power, but let's face it, she is a douche.

  2. Yes, from what I understand Jean Grey is one of the most powerful X-Men (women?). And also Rogue dates Bobby which I think only adds to your point. ;)

  3. Had a crush on Jean Grey once ;)

    Can You actually believe I even used to pray to have superpowers when I was a child? :D
    Mixing religion with comics!...lol... :)

    But my favorite X-men was Wolferine, and I always wanted to have his cool claws :) + his immortality.

    I dind't like X-men that much actually I was thinking about them more as of freaks than guys with cool powers - which is of course completely opposite to what authors wanted us readers to think ;)

    So I was much more after some other characters and their powers. Wanna know of which power I think all the time? You familiar with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_This_World_(TV_series) ?
    Boy how much I wanted to be like Elvie and could stop time just by joining my index fingers!
    I still do that from time to time but it never works ;)

  4. A lot of my friends wanted to be Wolverine as well, he seems to be one of the most popular X-men.

    Don't remember that Tv show, but that's a pretty cool superpower. ;)


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