A little award ceremony plus a big link party

10:12 AM

Last month I was happy to receive two awards from my sweet blogger buddies, Angela from Aj Arndt Books and Eva from Fancy Windows. Thank you so much girls! As George Constanza would say "I'm busting, Jerry, I'm busting!"

This means a lot to me because I love these girls' blogs. Angela’s book blog offers book discussions and news plus a free ebook every month which is pretty neat. Eva has a blog on design and decoration and you can see she has the most amazing taste. 

So, to begin I award the One Lovely Blog award to:

Dead White Guys

and the rules are:

  • Include the award graphic in your post
  • Thank and link the blogger who nominated you
  • Share seven random facts about yourself
  • Pass the award onto fifteen other bloggers. Make sure to contact and congratulate them.

7 random facts about me:

1) I guess I never mentioned this before but I'm pretty tall (5.9).

2) The other night I dreamt I was working with Michael and Dwight. I think this dream means it’s time to really cut down on The Office.

3) My Halloween costume this year was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

4) I’m struggling not to watch Dr. Zhivago, Coriolanus and the series Brideshead Revisited because they were based on books I'm supposed to read.

5)  I really don’t get why people like Mad Men. I couldn't go further than the first episode.

6) I'm going through my "to be read" list like crazy because I want to finish it by the end of the year and begin 2013 fresh (probably not going to happen).

7) The trailer for The Hobbit bored me to death. I am a Lord of the Rings fan but how can they expect us to watch a two-hour movie if the two-minute trailer is that disappointing?

And I award Premio Dardos to:

and the rules are: 
  • Link the photo of the prize, and the address to the blog who has awarded you the prize.
  • Award 10 blogs that you like (kind of broke this rule...)
Thanks again, girls!

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  1. Thank you so much! <3 and I completely agree about Mad Men although I got through a whole season. I just found the storyline slow paced and uneventful and realized I was only watching it for the clothes!

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad I'm not alone at this. Mad Men's success baffles me! xx

  2. Congratulations Paula! I love your blog, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words.

  3. Thanks again, Angela! I really mean it, your blog is great ;) xx

  4. Congrats and thanks for the award! I'm not sure if I'll be writing a post, but I definitely accept the award! I didn't know you had blog, it's not linked to your account or something, I don't know - but it looks great, it will be fun to read! :D

  5. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it! xx

  6. You are really tall, girl! And congrats on the award

    Thanks so much for passing it on to me! x

    1. You're welcome! I really like your blog, so you totally deserve it ;) xx

  7. Thank you very much for the Premio, Paula, you're very kind. I'll follow the first rule, the second is quite difficult to narrow down :)

  8. Thanks for the award Paula, I really appreciate it! I haven't been around lately, sorry if this is a much to late response. I see I have A LOT of interesting new posts of yours to read - they're looking fabulous, I can't wait!

    And of course, congratulations on the two awards you received, you sure deserve them. :)

  9. Hi Sofia, don't worry. It's great to hear from you and I hope you're doing well. I'm glad your blogging again - I could read about Jude Law ALL DAY. lol Happy New Year!


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