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After all those horror movie marathons you went through during Halloween it's time for a couple of laughs. Total Film is having a pool about the greatest comedy one liners. Naturally, I had to make a list of my own.

While I was reading the list I realized many of the lines didn't sound so funny because I hadn't seen the movie. Funny how comedy depends on context. Anyway, here are some of the lines that make me crack up:

"If someone has been murdered here, please let it be Clouseau."  from A Shot in the Dark

Just like all Pink Panther movies, A Shot in the Dark relies a lot on Peter Seller's hilarious performance and physical comedy, but Clouseau's dead serious lines and Commissioner Dreyfus' despair at Clouseau's incompetence are just to funny not to be mentioned.

"Look at me now, LOOK AT ME NOW! I'm wearing a cardboard belt!" - from The Producers

I've already talked about how much I love the 1965 version of The Producers. It has tons of hilarious one liners. They are even funnier because of the amazing performances.

"I want to see what love looks like when it's triumphant. I haven't had a good laugh in a week." from It happened one night

This 1934 comedy starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert is all about funny dialogues between the two protagonists. I literally cried when I watched this scene for the first time.

"A big fat lummox like you hiring an airplane to write: "Hildy, don't be hasty. Remember my dimple. Walter." Delayed our divorce 20 minutes while the judge went out and watched it." from His girl Friday

Even though most people prefer Arsenic and Old Lace I think Cary Grant does a much better job in His girl Friday where he plays a cunning newspaper editor trying to win back his ex-wife. This movie has really fast dialogues and a lot of veiled, and not so veiled, insults exchanged between the divorced couple.

"We may be small but our hearts are large... metaphorically speaking." from Night at the Museum

Maybe this is more of a kid's movie than a comedy, but I just laugh so much at Steve Coogan as a Roman general and Owen Wilson as a cowboy. You can tell I'm all about wholesome fun.

What are you favorite comedy lines?

PS: Most of these movies are available on Netflix.

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  1. Aaawww, thank you SOOO much for this award!! I'm so so flattered that you would consider me for this, thank you!!!!

    1. You're welcome, I love your blog and your style! xx

  2. "Lesbian Nazi Hookers Abducted by UFOs and Forced Into Weight Loss Programs..."

    by George Newman in UHF ( 1989 ) announcing his next tv show :D

    Beats everyone else for me, whenever I'm stressed I think about it and it gives me a better mood ;)
    Can anyone possibly fit more tabboos into one line?
    That's the only movie by Weird Al Yankovic but I love it since childhood :)

    eh... I wish someone could really bring those "Conan the Librarian" and "Ganghi II" fake trailers into the big screen ;)

    Could think of more lines, but none got stuck in my head as much as this one...

    oh... I got another good one!...

    "I am serious. And don't call me Shirley."

    Leslie Nielsen ( Airplane ) was the man ;)

  3. The "Don't call me Shirley" is hilarious. In the Tv show "The Office" they use it a lot and even though I like Steve Carrell's delivery, there's no way to compare it with Nielsen's.

  4. Haven't seen any episodes of "Office" actually, I rarely watch TV, used to be a fan of Scrubs though, as they show it on the same channel - Comedy Central. Knights of Prosprerity was my other favorite - cool and pretty intelligent too, but sadly very short.

  5. I wish I could watch even less Tv as well. But I'm working on it.;)


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